Icon Studios U.S.

Icon Studios Dallas is an agency and talent management company used by networks tv, directors, producers, casting directors, independent filmmakers, college filmmakers, boutique owners, designers, Fortune 500 companies, etc. to help actors and models find opportunities in TV, film, commercial, industrial video, fashion, print, and corporate events. Icon Studios Dallas also assists producers, directors, and industry professionals with location management, production, casting, crew work, studio space, and sponsorship. Icon Studios Dallas has been an excellent resource center for nearly a decade, devoted to the enhancement of the arts, and committed to developing the necessary skill sets necessary to enter the entertainment and arts industry. We are passionate about helping direct and develop actors and models, whether the talent is brand-new, seasoned, or a house-hold name.

Icon Studios Dallas has helped actors and models appear in film, television shows, commercials, commercial print advertisements, billboards, fashion shows, and corporate events locally, nationally, and internationally. Icon Studios Dallas has worked with numreous A-List celebrities and influencers such as Carlos Santana, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Sean Jean “P Diddy” Combs, Ben Francis, Vince Camuto, and many others. From arts enthusiasts taking their first courageous step into the exciting world of entertainment, to seasoned artists seeking to gain or improve their technique and skill, Icon Studios Dallas seeks to exhilarate artists from all levels.

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