Hopetown Dental Lab

Where did our name come from?

Hopetown Dental Lab is a unique name for a dental lab that ironically has nothing to do with dentistry. We decided to name our company after Hope Town, Bahamas, a place our family has lived in and visited for years and remains very dear to us today. The lighthouse in our logo was designed to reflect Hope Town’s Elbow Reef Lighthouse, which is one of the last kerosene-fueled and hand-cranked manual lighthouses in the world.

The lighthouse represents more than just a logo for us, it embodies our vision of being a beacon of light in an dark world of dental laboratories. If your experience has been like many of our customers before using Hope Town, then you know firsthand how many labs out there are unable to deliver consistency or simply don’t care to do what’s right. Conversely, we are here so you can count on us the same way sailors relied upon the light of a lighthouse.

Our entire purpose is to make your life as a dental clinician less stressful and to give you products that you know will fit and make your patients smile. Our promise to you is that your relationship and business is as important to us as it is to you. We recognize you are not a number, but our partner and we must produce results to keep your business. We will deliver for you if you give us a shot.

Remember our name isn’t like other labs, because we aren’t like other labs.

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