The FFL was a part of our family for seven years. Over that time, we watched as our boys grew up with the sport of football. They looked forward to the ‘combine’ each spring and then the ‘draft’ each June, they anxiously waited to hear about what new players their teams picked up. Every August, just before school began, the practices started and the evenings became filled with physical activity. September brought the games. Each Saturday was now game time, and the preparation of the past weeks practices allowed the boys to compete on the field. Finally culminating in the ‘playoffs’ and, for the top finishers, the ‘frisco bowl’.

Our boys learned respect for their teammates, their coaches their cheerleaders and for themselves. They learned how to not give up, how to push harder each time, how to react and think on their feet. They also learned how to win and lose gracefully. They made lifelong friends with their teammates, and after it was all over, with their opponents, which are now their teammates in Middle and High School.They were lucky to be a part of this experience, especially during the time which safety was becoming such an important factor in the sport. They learned to tackle properly, how important proper fitting protective gear is and most importantly, how to be tackled.

From a parents perspective, it was a great experience. We had a good time dressing up in our ‘team gear’ and cheering from the stands. We met great people who, without the FFL we would never have had the opportunity to meet. We also formed lifelong friendships, and we still get together as a ‘team’ to celebrate every now and then.

From a coaches perspective, assistant coaching my two boys teams at the same time was a huge commitment but it was also a learning experience and a great opportunity to spend real quality time with my sons that I will never forget and I will always be grateful for.  

Bob Zimmer

Colts Tackle Football

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