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Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful Christmas tree ornament you can think of. From colorful trinkets to heirloom treasures, your holiday ornaments says as much about your emotions as it does your tastes. “The shape and style of your favorite ornament is symbolic of what you value most about the holidays,” says clinical psychologist Kathy Nickerson, Ph.D. Just read on to learn what your favorite tree trim says about the real you!

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If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Candy or food themed

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You’re a fun-loving friend

Whether you prefer a candy cane or gingerbread man, one thing’s for sure: “Food-lovers like you are often friendly and fun-loving,” says Nickerson, noting it’s likely you show your love for friends and family by making them wonderful dishes and desserts. Whether you’re gathering the gang for a festive tree-trimming party or inviting everyone you know to a black tie New Year’s Eve soiree, you are the siren of the social scene!

If you favorite holiday ornaments are… DIY decorations

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You’re a witty storyteller

From the painted-wood stars your grandkids made to the cotton-ball snowmen your own kids created, your penchant for homemade ornaments doesn’t just underscore your creativity, it suggests what a great storyteller you are. After all, each handcrafted gem has an anecdote attached to it that you love to reminisce about.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… White ornaments

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You’re a thinker

The halo of twinklers on your tree and the subtle creams and whites that characterize your holiday space speak to a mind brimming with complex ideas. That’s because people with active imaginations often gravitate to subdued, monochromatic palates as a soothing visual break from their teeming thoughts.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Heirlooms


You’re a serene giver

Every year, you gently unpack the delicate ornaments that have been in your family for generations. It’s a calming ritual you cherish almost as much as the treasures themselves. Poised and introspective, you’re the wise, giving, compassionate heart of your family.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Travel souvenirs

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You’re a charmer

Dotted with mementos that represent all the places you’ve been, your tree is a map of your passions and hints at your zest for new experiences. Such openness is strongly linked with both intelligence and happiness. No wonder you’re so effervescent and charismatic.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Colorful baubles

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You’re a people person

Whether you prefer a collection of gumdrop­-colored tree ornaments or a festive rainbow of garland on your mantel, loved ones know your home is always warm and welcoming. You go out of your way to roll out the red (and green!) carpet and make everyone feel comfortable. Thanks to your humor and generosity, when you’re around, every day feels like the holidays.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Nature-inspired

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You’re a kind-hearted thinker

Your love of nature ornaments reveals just how emotional and kind you are. In fact, you embody the joy of the season every day of your life — spreading goodwill to human and furry friends alike. A deep thinker, you see the holidays as a celebration not only of family and spirituality, but of nature and the larger world we all share.

If your favorite holiday ornaments are… Vintage or classic

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You’re a sentimental traditionalist

If you favor baubles that’ll never go out of style — from a classic ball ornament

to a vintage Santa — you likely value tradition above all else. “People who are drawn to these shapes like balance in their lives,” notes Nickerson. You favor the familiar over the new, especially when it comes to people, which is why you’re more likely to be found at intimate holiday gatherings than at glitzier larger events.

If your favorite holiday ornament is… A tree topper

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You’re an inspiring leader

Not exactly an ornament but a definite decor preference, stars and angels, of course, belong on top of the world — and on top of the tree! Your love for the iconic tree topper shows your confidence and leadership instincts. Rather than set you apart from others, your take-charge attitude beckons them closer. And just as an angel or star is the focal point of the tree — drawing all eyes up and creating a finished whole — so are you an inspiring star everyone in your circle looks up to!

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