April 25, 2024

A dog who had a tragic start in life has captured hearts, prompting a rescue team in West Virginia to do everything it can to improve his life.

Nubs, a German shepherd mix, was born with deformed front legs and as a result only has his two hind legs. The sweet pup is now in the care of Doddridge County Humane Society (DCHS).

“This handsome boy came from a man who lives in the country. The poor dog came up to his house, very thin and scared. He either scooted on the ground-his chin is calloused from this-or hopped like a kangaroo, my staff here calls him Roo,” Deborah Casteel, shelter executive director, told Newsweek. “This dog would not have survived as a stray for long, as we have a high concentration of coyotes in this area, not to mention the occasional black bear.”

Nubs spent two months under the care of the gentleman who found him. Concerned for the dog’s future, the man learned about Cain’s Benevolent Fund, an initiative by DCHS that assists community animals in need of medical care. Casteel explained: “I told him that we would take the dog to the vet and have him checked out. Then, if he wants to adopt him, he can complete our application process, and we would cover all of the costs.”

To the surprise of many, Nubs was given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian, except for his congenital deformity in the front legs. Undeterred by this condition, Nubs charmed everyone with his friendly disposition.

“Even the vet was crying by the end of the appointment, at how such an animal could be so friendly after being alone and helpless,” Casteel said.

Determined to help Nubs, the shelter has launched a fundraiser for a custom mobility cart from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets in Massachusetts, and the initial fundraising goal of $740 was surpassed within three hours, demonstrating the community’s overwhelming support and love for animals.

DCHS kept the community updated on Nubs’ progress through its Facebook page. Casteel expressed her gratitude, saying, “Our community truly has a love for animals.”

 Nubs the dog who curently either scoots on the ground or hops like a kangaroo.Doddridge County Humane Society
Nubs the dog who curently either scoots on the ground or hops like a kangaroo.Doddridge County Humane Society

As Nubs awaits his custom cart, he has become a beloved resident at the shelter. Casteel described him as “such a good boy,” who enjoys bath time, playing with other dogs and has formed a special bond with a 7-month-old puppy named Olaf.

“The cart should arrive within 2 or 3 weeks. There will be a period of time where Nubs will need to adjust to the cart,” Casteel said. “When he’s inside his new home, he can get around without the cart on smooth floors, but he will need it when he goes outside.”

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This story was originally published December 24, 2023, 3:30 AM.

source: star-telegram

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