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“When we found Dr Mitchell at Forest Lane, we didn’t really know what we were even looking for or needing as first time parents. His medical expertise, consistent support, thorough conversations, encouragement, kindness, follow through/up , and overall genuine vested interest in our family has overwhelmingly exceeded any expectation. We feel loved and taken care of at Forest Lane – from Dennis to Carla (and everyone else whose names escape me now). The Forest Lane Group is an incredible practice and we feel truly lucky to have had the group in our corner while parenting. Thank you for everything. As we leave Dallas and find new doctors, no one will replace the Dallas team, especially as the bar is set so high! Love to you all and thank you for caring for all of us so beautifully!”
– S. Jaco

“Both my 3-year-old and 4-month-old are patients of Dr. Mitchell’s at Forest Lane. I cannot say enough about this practice. When I had my first, I didn’t realize how important choosing the right pediatrician was. We even tried to switch at the time to someone closer to our home and ended up switching back to Forest Lane. The lactation consultant, the 24 hour nurse line, so many perks! It’s always easy to schedule and when my doctor isn’t available I’ve seen the other doctors and they are all fantastic. They offer smart and educational health tips on their Facebook page, have a wonderful website that is easy to navigate with useful resources and everyone is nice and professional there. I have had zero issues! They do a GREAT job with vaccinations and keeping you apprised of the importance of vaccinating. They also have a wonderful, balanced perspective about almost everything when it comes to parenting and health. I’m so grateful for this office!”
– M. Meals

“I started to go to Forest Lane Pediatrics when I delivered my first born at Medical City Dallas, Dr. Damien Mitchell and another Doctor visited me in my recovery room and both Doctors had examined my newborn. Dr. Mitchell just had a warm smile and genuinely examined my first born. He invited me to take my newborn for his first check up at Forest Lane Pediatrics, which I did and I fell in love with Dr. Mitchell’s care for babies, he is just perfect and he teaches me how to go about caring for my kids. He is a warm and very thorough on his examination on check ups and follow ups. Dr. Mitchell also answers any concerns on messages via forest lane portal. I drive one hour to Forest Lane Pediatrics because of Dr. Mitchell. And his staff is very kind and sweet as well. Which is very important to me.

I highly recommend Forest Lane Pediatrics.”
– A. Medrano

“Moms and Dads out there…Look no further…This is the place you want to take your children! We adore Dr. Mitchell but all of the staff is top notch. They are caring and thorough. They are helpful and comforting. Best pediatric staff in the Metroplex. I knew I had made a great choice when all of my friends said to me, “We go there too!!” I have referred Dr. Mitchell to MANY friends and all are very very happy!!! Don’t waste time, call them today!”
– L. Todd

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