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Do you know of an event in the Dallas area that you did not see in our calendar and that you would like to share with your friends and neighbors in the AARP community? Make your submission below and it will be reviewed for inclusion in the site. Your local knowledge can help others and that is what a community is about.

Please provide information about the event:

* Event Name

* Event Date

Start time

Check if a repeating event

Please provide details of the event repeat interval. Any dates included should be in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
Example: “The first Thursday of every month through 10/15/2018.”
Required if you would like us to list all instances of the event.

Venue Name


If you know the address of the event, please provide it here.

* City and State

Event URL

If you know the website for the event, please provide it here.

Let us know who you are so we can contact you with any questions about your submission: **

* Your First Name

* Your Last Name

* Email

* Your Telephone

By submitting your telephone number, you agree that AARP or its agent may contact you by phone regarding your submission.

*All marked fields are required.

** All contact information collected will be used to verify facts. The information will be retained solely by AARP and will not be used to market products or solicit businesses.

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