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What are the hottest clubs in Dallas?

The best clubs in Dallas currently are Bottled Blonde, Concrete Cowboy, Lizard Lounge, Punk Society, Stereo Live, Theory, Truth and Alibi, and Tipsy Alchemist.

What are the best music festivals in Dallas?

The most popular annual music festivals in Dallas include: Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Old 97’s Country Fair, JMBLYA, Oaktopia, Riverfront Jazz Festival, and Homegrown Music and Arts Festival.

What part of Dallas has the best nightlife?

If we are talking about strictly Dallas and none of the surrounding areas. I think there are five key areas.

1.) Uptown – If you’re looking for something casual try The Old Monk, Idle Rich, The Loon, Katy Trail Icehouse, and the Gingerman. If you’d like a more young professional crowd, Hotel Zaza, The Ritz Rattlesnake Bar, or Oceanprime would be good choices.

2.) Greenville Avenue – famous for the Greenville Avenue St. Patricks Day parade. The nightlife changes often but take a drive down between Mockingbird and Ross Avenue.

3.) Downtown – Main St. and Commerce St. host some larger club type places.

4.) Bishop Arts District – an artsy revitalized area in the historic Oak Cliff area of town. If your nightlife is looking for some great date spots, you can’t go wrong with Hatties, Veracruz, or Eno’s.

5.) Deep Ellum – popular in the 90’s, problems with crime most of the 2000’s, currently experiencing a resurgence. If you’re looking for some live music, you might find it here.

Two other additions that lie between Uptown and Greenville avenue. J Blacks and The Slip Inn.

What are the best gay clubs/bars in Dallas?

The best gay clubs in Dallas include: Hidden Door, Dallas Eagle, The Tin ROom, Alexandre’s, Woody’s JR Bar & Grill, Sue Ellen’s Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall, Station 4, and The Grapevine Bar.

What time is last call in Dallas?

Last call is officially at 2:00 AM.

What time do clubs close in Dallas?

Most clubs and bars will close at 2:00 AM.

Is weed legal in Dallas?

It is still illegal to use or possess marijuana under Texas law — and has been since 1931. What changed in 2019 is that hemp is considered different from marijuana.

Since the law change, prosecutors and state crime labs have dropped hundreds of pending marijuana charges and declined to pursue new ones because they don’t have the resources to detect a substance’s precise THC content, arguably keeping them from the evidence they need to prove in court if a cannabis substance is illegal.

Gov. Greg Abbott and other state officials insisted that the bill didn’t decriminalize marijuana and that the prosecutors don’t understand the new law. Still, marijuana prosecutions in Texas plummeted by more than half in the six months after the law was enacted, according to the data from the Texas Office of Court Administration.

Bottom line – you’re less likely to go to jail for possession, but smoking weed is still technically illegal.

What are the best day parties for day drinking in Dallas?

The best places for day drinking in Dallas include: Happiest Hour, The Quarter Bar, HG Sply Co, SODA Bar at NYLO Hotel, The Nines, Bar Belmont, Saint Rocco’s, Dodies, Sundown at Granada, STIRR, and 32 Degrees.

What are the best EDM clubs in Dallas?

The best EDM clubs in Dallas are It’ll Do, Stereo Live, and The Bomb Factory.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Dallas?

The best hip hop clubs in Dallas include Bottled Blonde, Punk Society, Stars and Spirits, Theory, Truth and Alibi, One Sette, and Concrete Cowboy.

What are the best after hours spots in Dallas?

There are a couple after hours spots but they are underground. You can usually find them if you go to an EDM club / show and ask around.

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