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What do you gain as an Independent Contract Driver for Dallas Courier? 

Above average paychecks: Drivers at Dallas Courier are compensated weekly for their work. The average weekly income for an independent contract driver is around $695. It doesn’t stop there, though, the more experience you gain with Dallas Courier, the higher your income. 

Tax breaks: You’ll want to investigate all the tax deductions that come from being a self-employed contractor. Consider this though: You’re paying taxes on your weekly income minus the costs of running your business. That’s a significantly lower taxable income. 

Money in the bank: It’s true. You’ll incur costs as an independent contractor. Fuel and vehicle maintenance are the most common expenses. But a wise driver can still put money in the bank with a fuel-efficient vehicle, cautious driving, and diligent vehicle maintenance. Keep expenses low by treating your vehicle like your office space. 

Greater opportunity: There are many cut-rate couriers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but we’re not one of them. Our services come with a higher ticket price because we offer customers a quality care that cut rate couriers can’t. This means greater opportunity for you to earn more money. Couriers that are comparable in size will generally require more out of pocket expenses than we do. We prefer to keep your costs low, more money in your pocket, and a better experience overall so you want to take on more jobs with Dallas Courier. 

Stability and longevity: Dallas Courier has been in business for more than 40 years, and we only plan on making an even bigger impact in the years to come. We’re looking to offer independent contractors a stable job with a company who is in it for the long haul. Our drivers are treated like family. Once you’re here, we want you to stay. 

Freedom from the daily grind: Working a 9-5 in a stuffy cubicle with a clip-on tie and stale coffee? No thanks! Independent contractors who drive for Dallas Courier get to experience the freedom that comes from an open road, a rad playlist, and working hours that work for you. Not to mention, our seasoned dispatchers can assist in getting you to your jobs on time, avoiding the bumper-to-bumper traffic we often see here in North Texas. Freedom! 

Interested in joining our team?

We’re looking for enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to represent Dallas Courier and themselves as independent contract drivers. If these benefits sound enticing, contact our team at (972)680-8000, or send your resume to us at  CS@DallasCourier.com. 

Please send your resume to CS@DallasCourier.com  or call us at: (972)680-8000. 

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