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Nose Mount / GSS in Dallas

There is no match for the Cineflex or GSS system. This 5-axis gyro-stabilized nose-mount or off-nose mount system is typically installed on a turbine helicopter creates silky smooth shots great for cinematic and long takes. The camera can be controlled from inside the helicopter including the ability to zoom in and out and focus remotely. Between flying for films, corporate jobs, and the news, our Cineflex / GSS operators combine for nearly 1000 hours of experience with.

Our custom cineflex option can accommodate an Elite (ARRI Alexa) or Ultra, which can fly a Red Dragon or Helium camera and shoot up to 8k 60p. This option is very customizable. With both systems, a director (250 lbs and under) can fly along in the front seat and call the shots, or DTX Media, given our aerial operations experience, can direct.

Our standard 1080 HD system (pictured a couple above in all white) flys out of Dallas, Texas and is built into an R-44 designed for Electronic News Gathering (ENG). Our connections and relationships make us one of the few companies who can offer video with this special Dallas-based system. You can find out all the specs for the system here.

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