April 24, 2024

Some things are best experienced firsthand – especially when it comes to food. Sure, someone could tell you tater tots are the best thing since sliced bread (and they are), but if you’ve never had them before, it’s hard to understand the hype. Bulk grocer Costco is no stranger to delivering hype-inducing products, and the latest indescribable offering from the retailer is a returning item fans are going wild over.

Recent years have seen quite a few fan-favorite goods disappear from the wholesaler’s shelves, and each one has caused quite a stir amongst Costco loyalists. While fans were still recovering from the loss of the famed combo pizza, the grocer quietly snuck another cult-favorite product out of its stores this past September, and fans were left to wonder why.

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If you’ve never had Kirkland Signature Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets, allow me to paint a picture for you. Creamy, slightly sweet peanut butter is encased in a crunchy pretzel shell, sprinkled generously with salt and packaged in a whopping 3-pound container, perfect for snacking. Each morsel is better than the next and you could easily get through half the jar before realizing it.

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Although fans may never uncover the mystery behind the snack’s disappearance, shoppers can rest easy in knowing that the treat has made its way back onto shelves and some shoppers are reportedly stocking up. News of the delicacy’s return made the rounds on social media, particularly Reddit, with one user saying, “Found in Colorado. Got two just in case.”

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There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the snack’s abrupt removal from the retailers shelves with the most popular theory being a recall. Though none of the claims have been substantiated and Costco hasn’t released any statements, one alleged employee claims, “We got a pull and hold notice at my Costco because the seals aren’t holding on the jars, so they are showing up stale.”

Unfortunately we may never get to the bottom of the case of the disappearing pretzels, but yours truly is just happy they’re back. And besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of mystery from time to time?

Of course you don’t have to take my word for how incredibly delicious they are, but as the kids say: if you know, you know.

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