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Dont do the pay as you go if you dont have to

 My first customer rep made me feel like I was crazy for saying that the bill didnt add up. Once I spoke with the second rep the following month after because it was time to pay again and the price was over what I expected she told me that the first rep didnt explain the bill correctly nor did she charge me the right amount on my first bill which led to a past amount being due in the next months amount. Ive been in the brand new constructed home for less than a month now and have already had to pay $300. Also, please make sure you understand the payment arrangement program. Because you will not get off the pay as you go program if you have to make those arrangements and that should be our number one goal in order to take control of what we spend. I wasnt expecting to use the payment plan but because we wasnt bill correctly I had to in order to make sure my other bills were on time. My husband and I have been paying bills way before we got this home and say that this is the worst way to bill someone. I like to pay for what I use and not what they think Ill use based on others in my area and credited back an appropriate amount to our cards instead of the next months bill. I truly believe its a rip off. 

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