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We provide our customers with fair and current market prices. The types of materials we accept include both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Take a look at our list to see which group your metal scrap falls under. Don’t forget to review the non-accepted items list just to be on the safe side.

How it Works

*Hint* Don’t mix the metals! You get more money if you bring your metals separated. 

Taking it to the yard – Ferrous Metal Scrap

  1. Carefully drive onto the truck scale
  2. Wait for the green light to signal for you to proceed.
  3. Remove your metal scrap into designated area.
  4. Drive onto the second truck scale
  5. Retrieve your cash payment from the cashier booth.

Taking it to the yard – Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap

  1. Bring your non-ferrous metal scrap to the small scale.
  2. Weigh the material.
  3. Retrieve your cash payment from the cashier booth.



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