Boondocks Boxers. Beautiful, healthy, home raised American and European Boxer Puppies. 903/588-5742


to Boondocks Boxers! Thanks for your interest
in our dogs. We sell puppies locally, throughout
the United States, and beyond.

We are located in Saltillo
Texas, a small community about 100 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas.

Boondocks Boxers raises purebred, healthy, socialized, and happy Boxer puppies. The puppy you choose has been started on house breaking and has spent its life inside and outside our home. Your puppy has been carefully monitored, from birth, to assure its health.

For those of you who love the look of European Boxers we have European American cross as well as full European Boxer puppies. We chose to introduce the Euros because we like their conformation, size, and overall appearance. We find the Euro/American cross gives resulting puppies a shorter muzzle, stockier build, and usually makes for an overall larger dog at maturity. Boondocks Boxers Euros have incredible bloodlines behind them which adds even more to the health and temperament of our dogs.

While we cannot guarantee your Boondocks Boxer puppy will have none of the congenital problems, that can be an issue for the breed, we test all our adult dogs through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hip and elbow dysplasia, 24 hour heart monitoring through ALBA Medical and Degenerative Myelopathy.

We invite you to browse the website
pages for valuable information. Then
call or email us for more information about how you can share
your life with a loving pet bred by Boondocks Boxers.

Please Note: We do not sell
to puppy mills, brokers, or pet stores. We
will take back any of our
dogs for any reason rather than allow them to be placed in pounds, rescues
or shelters.


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