Bishop Arts’ New Aerial Yoga Studio Makes Flying a Breeze

When I think of aerial yoga, I think acrobatics. I think of Pink performing at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Just a real Cirque du Soleil situation, you know?

All of those thoughts terrify me. But this is a new decade, and I’m down to live dangerously. So when I heard there was a newly opened aerial yoga studio in Bishop Arts called Blue Feather, I thought, I guess I’m doing that.

And do that I did. After perusing the three class options, I decided to go with the straightforward “Aerial Yoga” at 7:30 pm on Thursday night. (I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for “Aerial Play.”)

I found the bright blue awning signaling the studio on West 7th Street (just behind Davis). The studio was small but welcoming, fronted by a boutique stocked with sustainably made activewear (the whole studio is eco-conscious). I signed a waiver with Sonja, who co-owns Blue Feather with her sister Deidre, my teacher for the evening.

Sonja dimmed the lights, and I settled in and grabbed one of the studio’s extremely cushy provided mats beneath a collection of blue silk hammocks hanging from the lofty ceiling as a handful of other students filed in. I once did meditation in a silk hammock at Miraval Austin (quite possibly the most New Age thing I’ve ever done). I fell asleep and loved it. But all we had to do was lay there at Miraval. I was going to have to actively interact with this one.

Deidre asked if anyone had done aerial yoga before. Everyone raised their hand but me. Great! But I felt safe with Deidre, a soothing presence who didn’t seem like she would make me do Pink’s Grammy routine.

I realized quickly that I should never have been afraid of aerial yoga. It’s the best, actually. You essentially move through typical yoga movements, but you do certain stretches with the aid of your cool, silky hammock. I’ve never been one to do a handstand in a yoga class, but I could totally do an inversion in my silk (Deidre carefully walked everyone through it so we felt secure).

At the end of class, we wrapped ourselves up in a silky cocoon for Savasana, which is the only way I’d like to do Savasana for the rest of my life. I left relaxed and incredibly soothed.

The bottom line: anyone can do this. (Honestly, Pink’s Grammy routine doesn’t seem that impressive anymore.) And you should! It’s essentially a more dynamic yoga class that I’m sure did something incredible for my core. Let’s work our way up to “Aerial Play” together, shall we?

Things To Know Before You Go

— Wear form-fitting leggings and avoid anything too loose — you don’t want to get tangled up in the hammock. You won’t need shoes or socks for the class.

— There’s no need to bring a mat — Blue Feather provides ultra cushy ones.

— The studio is eco-conscious, so bringing your own water bottle is encouraged. They provide filtered water and have boxed water available for purchase.

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