Big Mama’s Chicken And Waffles menu in Dallas, Texas, USA

I had heard good things about Big Mama’s chicken, so we thought we would give it a try. We ordered 2-10 piece Family meals which consisted of legs and thighs, french fries, sliced bread, pickles and jalapenos. We also ordered 8 piece chicken livers and a side of okra. The chicken was not good. I could forgive the small pieces, but the chicken itself was severely over salted and tasted like it had been fried in old oil, leaving an almost burnt flavor. The french fries and okra also had this same old oil flavor, unfortunately. The chicken livers were rubbery and very bitter…I only ate one liver due to the odd taste I became concerned that liver was spoiled. Out of the four of us we each only ate one piece of chicken. I threw out the 16 remaining pieces of chicken, fries, okra as well as the remaining 7 livers. I do not believe in wasting food but no choice when it is inedible. Would not recommend ??

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