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Transportation is a thriving industry to get into if you’re looking for job security and advancement opportunities. Attending CDL training in Dallas is easy, affordable and you can complete the courses in as little as a month and begin your career.

Learn all about the trucking industry and how a CDL could help you find rewarding and reliable work. We’ll outline what you can expect when seeking your commercial driver’s license, the average salary for a truck driver, and the best employers in Dallas.

Quicklook: Best CDL Training in Dallas

  • Roadmaster Drivers School
  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Continental Truck Driver Training and Education School
  • Vision Truck Driving School
  • KLLM Driving Academy

Best CDL Training Programs in Dallas

Although the area has many CDL training programs, here are the best ones in Dallas to help you start your career in trucking.

Roadmaster Drivers School

Earn your CDL from one of the most trusted and respected schools in the country. Roadmaster has schools throughout the nation to educate and prepare truck drivers. Plus, as such a large school, they have many job opportunities and partner with local employers to help you find gainful employment upon graduation.

Cost: $6,995

Program Length: From start to finish, the program is 4 weeks, but you’ll spend much of that time behind the wheel as you prepare for your driver’s test.

Financial Assistance: The school does not directly provide scholarships, but it does partner with other organizations that offer scholarships to advance the trade.

Tuition Reimbursement: Check with the Dallas Roadmaster Drivers School to learn which employers they partner with. If you commit to working for one of these employers, you could earn tuition reimbursement.

Class Size: Roadmaster is a leader in educating truck drivers. The school’s class sizes are manageable to allow you time to ask questions and get the most out of your experience.

Job Placement: The school partners with many employers to supply new drivers to trucking and logistics companies. You should not have any problems finding a job upon graduation.

Online Courses: Yes

CDL Licenses: A  

160 Driving Academy

160 Driving Academy is a premier CDL school in Dallas. You’ll get excellent training and build relationships with local employers to get started with a rewarding career. 

Cost: Tuition ranges from $3,000 to $5,080 depending on the program you choose.

Program Length: It takes 4 weeks to complete the course and earn a Class A license.

Financial Assistance: There are no scholarships available for 160 Driving Academy.

Tuition Reimbursement: Many students graduate with no fees thanks to partnerships with local employers willing to pay to train truck drivers who come to work for them.

Class Size: The school boasts a 4-to-1 student to instructor ratio to keep classes personal and ensure the best possible training.

Job Placement: Part of the program is teaching you about the local employers. 160 Driving Academy will help you build relationships with local employers to find high-paying positions.

Online Courses: No

CDL Licenses: A

Continental Truck Driver Training and Education School

With more than 20 years of experience preparing truck drivers for a successful career, Continental Truck Driver Training and Education School provides excellent training and job placement for CDL drivers. 

Cost: Training costs $2,600 to $4,500 depending on the program you choose.

Program Length: Earn your CDL within 4 weeks.

Financial Assistance: The school does not offer scholarships but does have payment plan options as well as financial assistance for veterans, WIOA funding, DARS funding, and more.

Tuition Reimbursement: Continental works with local carriers for tuition reimbursement plans to help fund your schooling. Additionally, veteran benefits and a cash discount the school more affordable if you pay your total tuition upfront.

Class Size: The school does not list its class size or student-to-teacher ratio. However, one reviewer on Yelp said that the class sizes are perfect.

Job Placement: Continental is a well-respected school in the industry. As such, many trucking companies enjoy recruiting recent graduates and the school does a good job of partnering with employers to ensure graduates have job offers when they finish the program.

Online Courses: Classes are held in person, but students from outside the area can take advantage of the housing the program offers.

CDL Licenses: A

Vision Truck Driving School

Vision Truck Driving School is another trusted and respected provider of CDL training in Dallas, Texas. As such, it’s a great place to start a career and not just obtain a commercial driver’s license.

Cost: The program ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 depending on the license and endorsements you’re seeking.

Program Length: Earn your CDL in as little as 3 weeks. Some endorsements or programs do take longer though.

Financial Assistance: You have several financial aid options with Vision Truck Driving School. One is a WIOA Grant through the Texas Workforce Commission. As a private school, the organization does not provide scholarships. However, you can get a discount for paying in full. 

Tuition Reimbursement: Vision Truck Driving works with trucking companies that offer tuition reimbursement, inquire within. 

Class Size: The school does not publicly publish its class sizes or student-to-instructor ratios.

Job Placement: Seeking out truck driver employment is woven into the course at Vision Truck Driving School. The organization focuses on helping truck drivers build their careers and not just obtain a CDL.

Online Courses: No

CDL Licenses: A/B

KLLM Driving Academy

Earn your CDL and prepare for the next step in your career with KLLM Driving Academy. The school provides hands-on experience through a paid internship to help prepare you for your new career. 

Cost: Because the KLLM Driving Academy is part of KLLM Transportation Services, you won’t have to pay any tuition if you work for the company for a year after graduation.

Program Length: It only takes 22 days to earn your CDL Class A license with KLLM.

Financial Assistance: You won’t have to worry about loans or payment plans because KLLM will cover the cost of your education. 

Tuition Reimbursement: KLLM will cover all the expenses of your training if you commit to working for the company for a full year after graduation.

Class Size: KLLM does not publish its class sizes, but the school has a vested interest in ensuring you receive a good education since you’ll be operating the company’s trucks.

Job Placement: Because KLLM is both the school and the employer, you’re guaranteed a job after graduation making at least $800 a week.

Online Courses: No

CDL Licenses: A

How Does CDL Training in Dallas Work?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) permits you to operate large vehicles, such as semi-trucks or buses. There are three classes of licenses that permit you to operate different types of vehicles.

  • Class A: Operate vehicles with a gross weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more.
  • Class B: Permit to operate a bus and transport 24 passengers or more.
  • Class C: Provides permission for operating vehicles carrying hazardous materials. 

There are also endorsements that further outline the types of vehicles you can operate, such as a passenger endorsement, school bus endorsement or tank endorsement. Some endorsements require a knowledge test and a driving test to earn.

To get a Texas CDL, you’ll need to have a standard driver’s license in the state. Then, you can apply for a commercial learner permit (CLP). To obtain a CLP, you’ll need to complete a self-certification of medical status, prove registration for your vehicles, and proof of insurance. 

Then you’ll complete a CDL application at a Dallas driver’s license office and make an appointment. During the appointment, you’ll provide your identification materials and pay the application fee. 

The examiner will take your thumbprints and a photo. You’ll need to pass a vision exam and knowledge test. 

Depending on what CDL school you attend, they might help with this process. Classroom activities should prepare you for the knowledge test, but you will need your commercial learner permit to enter the next phase of CDL school where you get hours behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. 

Once you obtain your CDL, you can look forward to an average salary of $41,552 as a truck driver in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Trucking School Facts & Figures

Opportunities are plentiful as far as CDL schools in Dallas, Texas. Learn more about what you can expect to pay, help with finding a job, and more.

Number of Schools

There are 11 truck driving schools in Dallas. The majority of locations are on the south side of the city, though they are sprinkled throughout the area.

Number of Students per Class

The average class size for CDL schools in Dallas is 18 students, but some parts of the training feature one-on-one attention, and others break off into small groups. As you experience the cab of a truck, you might go in groups of 4 with 1 instructor. But when it comes time to get your hours behind the wheel, it will just be you and the instructor.

Tuition Rates

The average tuition rate for earning a Class A CDL license in Dallas is $3,500. The total cost of tuition will vary based on the endorsements you’re seeking and whether you plan to pursue multiple classes for your license. 

Some trucking employers in the area pay for your education if you work with them for a certain time after earning your license, which means you can get your CDL for no out-of-pocket cost.

Average Loan Amount

The average loan amount to attend Dallas trucking school is $4,754. However, some schools have scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help offset those expenses.


The average scholarship for CDL training is $1,631. But don’t forget that if you get your training through a local employer, you could get all your tuition expenses paid to the point where you only pay for materials and your application fees to obtain your commercial driver’s license.

Job Placement

Many schools help with job placement to get you started in your career quickly. Schools often partner with local employers to help their graduates find work once they have a CDL. Review the job placement statistics for a school carefully before enrolling to set yourself up for success.

Dallas Truck Driving Employment Facts & Figures

Before you dive into a career as a truck driver, it’s a good idea to review the average salary, largest employers and opportunities for advancement. Take a look at some information about Dallas truck driving employment before deciding whether CDL training is right for you.


Because Texas is situated in the middle of the country, it’s an ideal location for logistics companies to reach all parts of the country quickly. And, its proximity to Mexico makes it ideal for trade and transportation there as well. 

Dallas has great truck driver opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the largest employers and the average truck driver salary they pay.

Biggest EmployerAverage SalaryNumber of Trucking JobsThe Dart Network$56,4761,645Paschall Truck Lines$40,8951,198Pilot Thomas Logistics$62,125580CIG Logistics$63,527345AFC Transport$63,514138


The average salary for a truck driver in Dallas is $41,552. The average weekly salary is about $800 and the monthly income is about $5,000.

However, with just a little bit of experience and working with the right employer, you can quickly surpass that income.

ExperienceSalaryNational Average Salary1-3 years$52,391$53,9904-6$53,332$53,990

Start Your Dallas Truck Driving Career

Enrolling in a CDL school in Dallas, Texas, is the first step in building a meaningful career as a truck driver. Evaluate the various school options to find the one that best serves your needs to join the thriving transportation industry.

Start your career off on the right wheel and stay compliant with a Motive ELD. For more up-to date news on all things trucking and freight sign up for the FreightWaves e-newsletter!

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