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About Our Organization

Aeroparts and Supply Inc. (APS) is an aircraft parts distribution company and FAA Certified Limited Repair Station (Number: 5AAR028B) dedicated to support and service of general aviation customers in the U.S. and around the World. APS was founded in 1994 and has enjoyed continuous growth. We have been able to increase our product stock and areas of certification annually with excellent input from our customers and manufacturing partners. We look forward to serving you and request your input on how we may improve both our product stock and service.


Aeroparts is centrally located in Dallas Texas, on Dallas Executive Airport.


APS maintains a large inventory of parts for the general aviation marketplace. We carry everything from Champion aircraft spark plugs to aircraft instrument panel lighting. If you need a Sky-Tec or Hartzell Starter, a Rapco replacement for a Cleveland brake disc or aircraft anti collision lighting we can help. Can’t afford the down time to send a component out for overhaul, Aeroparts offers an attractive alternative to Aircraft Magneto overhaul, exchange your mags, “starter, alternator or vacuum pump”, we have many overhauled units on the shelf and ready to go. If we don’t happen to have it on the self, we will try to drop ship out of one of the many Manufacturing associates we deal with or represent.

Manufacturing Associates:

Aerospace Turbine Rotables
Hartzell Engine Technologies
Kelly Aerospace, Power Systems
Kelly Aerospace, Energy Systems
Floats and Fuel Cells
Rapco Inc.
Rapco Fleet Support
Specialty Tires of America
Whelen Engineering Company
Gill Battery
LP Aero Plastics
Champion Aviation Products
Brackett Aero Filters, Inc.
GE Lighting
Lamar Technologies
Safeway Products

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