Aerial Yoga – Vertical Fitness Dallas

The Aerial Yoga program, or Anti-Gravity Yoga, at Vertical Fitness Dallas developed as a natural progression from our VFD Aerial Arts and Silks program. We discovered how much everyone enjoyed the hammock poses done at the end of our Silks class. These poses are so relaxing and rejuvenating as you supported in the hammock in a state of weightlessness. Adding more aerial moves and traditional yoga poses while in the hammock, our VFD Aerial Yoga program was developed under the direction of our VFD yoga instructor Jen Clark.

Aerial Yoga at VFD is a fusion of Silks, Pilates, Dance and Yoga for a unique full body workout experience. This class can help you achieve increased flexibility, strength and range of movement without the normal joint compression as your body is totally supported in the hammock. This class is also just super fun!

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