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R.C WomackBob Womack
Founder and Chairman
AAA Products International

Founder and ChairmanAAA Products International1916-2013

AAA Products was envisioned during the early days of World War II. Bob Womack, Chairman of AAA, was in the special machine design and building business. Delivery on air valves and cylinders was very slow due to the large demand and to give a reasonable delivery on special machines, it was necessary to make air valves and cylinders to order.

After the war, with Bob’s knowledge of fluid power (Air, hydraulic and vacuum), some of the fluid power equipment manufacturers around the world asked Bob to represent their products in the area. This was the beginning of Womack Machine Supply Company. While selling many different brands of air valves, Bob started AAA Products International and designed a line of air valves that have the best features of most air valves, while avoiding the undesirable features. The AAA air valve line has a minimum of parts, so anyone can understand its operation. There is no way the soft seal AAA valve packing can be sucked out, blown out or pinched, even when operated at four times the already high rated operating pressure of 250 PSI.

AAA Products is an entirely different valve company. AAA Products is continually designing and building new and more efficient production machines to increase output, while maintaining the highest quality standards and very fast deliveries.

Ninety percent (90%) of the components that go into our valves are manufactured on machines designed and built in our plant.

A well-known U.S. testing laboratory did blind hydrostatic tests on our standard AAA 1/4″ die cast aluminum body air valves purchased at random from AAA valve distributors stock (Model RR2 used). This test was to simulate a catastrophic system failure where the valve may see a tremendous pressure increase. The standard AAA 1/4″ air valves did not fracture or lose fluid containment until over 8800 PSI average. AAA rates these air valves for 250 PSI (Solenoid valves can have a maximum of 150 PSI on the solenoid operator). Just externally pilot the AAA solenoids with 150 PSI or less when using the valves for service over 150 PSI. If you need a stronger AAA valve, we have a high strength, aluminum bar stock body and for extreme pressures, we have a 316-cast stainless steel 1/4″ and 3/8″ NPT body. Contact us for your air valve needs for any kind of service. “Put AAA valves on your toughest jobs, we really mean it”!

P.S.: The reason why AAA Products is so well tooled is because we build special tooling way ahead of product demand.

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