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Cultural Attractions of Pleasant Grove

Apart from broadcasting its natural beauty Pleasant Grove is also a place that instills the importance of the inside beauty to its citizens from the very start. The city has several arts and performances programs to enjoy and take part in; certainly, take a peek while you’re around. One of the events that host various educational programs about arts is Taste of the Arts. They invite experienced, engaging educators to conduct classes, lectures, and community events centered around arts and crafts. If you’re coming during the summer, come by the Concerts in the Park. It is an annual open-air event held in June. If the weather is nice, bring a chair or a blanket to sit outside and enjoy some great music. Sometimes the concerts are held at the Pleasant Grove’s Recreational Center due to weather conditions. Pleasant Grove Players, PG Orchestra, Center Stage Youth Performers are organizations that bring the culture of theater performance and classical music to the community. Check out their schedules while you’re in the city and join for an entertaining evening out. Pleasant Grove is also home to the Utah Children’s Choir, which provides high-quality music education and training for kids ages 8-16. For a more conventional pastime, grab some tickets at the Water Gardens Cinemas for a more traditional pastime with some popcorn and soda. It is a small cozy movie theater that will bring you all the popular hits in the public eye right now and some lesser-known independent feature films.

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