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We came from out of town and this property is just unbelievable! We are here for a business trip but I brought my family with me. 1. For parents there’s no crib/pack n play in this property. The front desk said it is a safety violation for their hotel. It was my first time staying at a Holiday inn but I never had this in any other hotels and I travel for work so this is the first experience I ever had this problem! 2.When we got to the room we didn’t have time to check the shower until we actually took a shower the next day and there were hairs and pubes in the shower curtain and hairs by the tub! It was disgusting! Now I had to clean because we need to be somewhere and I do not have time to wait for housekeeping to to clean it! I had to take the kids a bath and us so this is unbelievable! 3.The last experience that is unacceptable is when I need to get another set of card keys. Mind you,we booked 3 rooms! One stayed one night and the other 2 rooms was for us for 2 nights however, the 3rd room was initially booked for 1 night and we just extended 1 more night. The frontdesk (Jennifer) said “I’m so confused you are not the name I see on room 214, and There is someone else in room 209 and clearly they got things messed up because when we arrived they put us in a room with 1 bed (rm.239) and the reservation was for 2 queens so the previous lady who checked us in moved us to rm.209 where we stayed for the night then the next day I asked for keys is when I came across Jennifer! She wouldn’t give us a key instead gave me another key to room 211 and I’m like I have kids this is so inconvenient! You will move us all the way to a different room for 1 more night with kids?? She made a remark “The name on the reservation is not a hispanic last name” I’m asian but I have an italian last name, our other guest has a hispanic name but he is from Madrid and we have the other guest with an irish last time so I do not appreciate that comment! At this point,there’s another guest that came in so she had to check in her first!I wad just asking for a key! I had to check on my kids waiting in the car with my dad and then I came back! The manager finally came out and now she gave me the keys to the room but she said “I have to escort you to the room, I mean I have to go with you to the room” So she gave me the key but still escorted me at this point I just had to deal with it because I already spent 45 minutes trying to get the room keys! What did I do to be escorted? I can’t make up my room numbers nor afford 45 minutes to try to get for a room key!!!! My son also picked a piece of m&m candy on the floor. I asked the housekeeping to take our thrash but she couldn’t understand me because she said she doesn’t speak English! Like really????Problem after problem after problem!!! So overall I will not be staying at any Holiday Inn this was a terrible experience for me my gamily and the kids! We couldn’t even stay at any of the 3 rooms we booked because the lady ref

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